Industrial Areas

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There was a time that the most of people lived in a village the atmosphere of the village was clean pleasant and there was peace no noise and no any kind of impurity in their atmosphere. There was a large amount of trees which kept atmosphere and climate pure and clean.


The whole land was used for agriculture with the passage of time when the world was going to development the most of villages and most of fertile lands were destroyed and on them the cities were build in this manner all the trees and fertile land was ruined. Then people built factories and huge buildings. The atmosphere became impure and dirty. The noise and smoke vehicles made the atmosphere impure and made the cause of many hazard diseases.

This was one side on which human life was affected but on the other hand the people built industries and factories in the living areas of cities due to which the smoke evolve from these factories which contains many dangerous gasses like mixture of methane, ethane, hydro carbons, Which can hurt severely the human life due to which the human lives are in too much danger because they can hurt the organs of human body very badly.

Due to which many new diseases are produced so these days. The basic problem of the city life is smoke and wastage of factories including mixture of gasses destroying the human lives. So it is suggested these factories and industrial areas should be shift out of the city.  that they do not harm human lives. So these industries must be shifted out of living areas so that we can lessen our problems which are increasing day by day…


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