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What is needed after the disaster , the provision of survivors of allowance and medicine, and a tent. However tent really temporarily and medium-term, to find a long-term shelter which will extremely difficult.

Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban 's the past 20 years, was rushed to the rescue of nearly all of the huge earthquake disaster. who also won last year Pritzker Prize, overlooked two points at the time of disaster, has been working to put the emphasis on shelter and privacy, his latest project toward the Nepal.

Famous in the building in which the paper and cardboard material, these are the surprisingly become sturdy pillars and beams.


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Complex and lightweight structures that his design is distinctive about a glance at, from an ordinary house as well long-term and habitable general house, we have used up to the museum such as the Pompidou Center Metz.


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The work he is to provide most of  earthquake have lost their habitat in Kobe and New Zealand in Christchurch, such as the people of Rwanda of refugees, the shelter where needed a place to live anytime soon.

The main problem in carrying reconstruction from the disaster, survivors must withstand, for weeks, it is without a home life over to for months. Privacy, calm room also, there is no security. These undermine the spirit of the long survivors even after the end of disaster. However, the structure of the slope's paper assembly is simple, resistant to aftershocks, you can inexpensively assembled that in many cases local material.

The design was composed of a tube made of cardboard, it has been provided as a survivor of residence in at least three of the earthquake disaster areas.


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In 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake, we established the partition of privacy for people who took refuge in the gymnasium.



It can be used as a long-term residence, we design a house using container and paper tube.



Shelter habitable immediately, also performed reconstruction with an eye to the longer term. After the earthquake of 2011 that hit New Zealand, were designed the Alternative paper church that had been destroyed, and completed in 2013



The first emergency phase, the first tent, medical station, and were prepared, such as tarp of rain needed to thousands of people who are waking up outside, in cooperation with the next in the transition phase local architects and students Make a medium-term shelter from local materials, and finally taking advantage of its experience and will continue to build a long-term home.


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