Inflamed disputes of Afghan Presidential Election Resolved

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The feuded candidate of Afghan Presidential candidate, Abdullah Abdullah rejects the preliminary results of Election and made serious allegations against the existing president Hamid Karzai, Election Commission and leading candidate Professor DR. Ashraf Ghani. He claimed that more than one million vote has been casted fraudulently and by illegitimate means. But his allegations have been rejected by the Observer of United Nations and his opponent leading candidate. The Election Commission asked for the authentic proves and documents to be submitted against the fraudulent votes which would be processed and will announced the final result of the election on 24th of July. Abdullah Abdullah refused to cooperate with the election commission in this regard.

Abdullah Abdullah inveiglement and false argues put the integrity of Afghan nation in danger. The clouds of instability and inconstancy were flown over the solidarity of Afghan nation. The mobbish supporters of Abdullah Abdullah enters into the state department and disgraced and torn the picture of President Hamid Karzai. He also claimed to be announced a parallel Government that seems to be first step for the division of Afghanistan. According to the reports Abdullah Abdullah have a mind of incursion on the existing government and took the charge of Afghanistan. The disgusting acts of Abdullah Abdullah originate the uncertainty and vacillation among the people of Afghanistan. In contrast, the leading candidate and a great diplomat Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai accepted the preliminary results of run-off election. He was confident and gave courage and kept the morale of the people up that there would be no parallel government announced by his opponent. He gave assurance and guarantee about the solidarity of Afghanistan and claimed that there are not threats for the national interest and integrity.

 Afghanistan seems to be collapsed but the doubtful and staled situation gripped by the American Authorities because they have their won national interest within Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister of America John Kerry put his efforts to his best and become a mediator between both the candidates to resolve the disputes and electoral issues. After two days affective conversation brought both the candidate to the point that the fraudulent votes would be separate from the pure and genuine votes. Secondly they accept that 100% votes be audited to make the electoral process transparent. According to agreement, both candidates would respect the national unity and integrity and the winner candidate is responsible to make a government in which the rights of every sub nation of Afghanistan would be safe and preserved. Both the candidates appealed to President Hamid Karzai to delay the inauguration ceremony for one month.

The agreement between both the candidates put a soul back into people and they showed their happiness and acquiescence regarding the agreement. The people have attained back their normal life and started their work as usual. The people have keen eyes on the pure final results of run-off Presidential Election 2014, so that the elected candidate become able to establish an endured and consolidated government to put Afghanistan on the path of prosperity and developments. 


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