Info About Melons and vitamin C

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Melons are low in calories, with just 64 calories in a 1-glass serving of honeydew balls and less calories in melon, casaba or watermelon balls. Meanwhile, melons are high in key vitamins and minerals. They contain practically no fat or inundated fat, settling on them a magnificent choice for snacks or a side dish.

Vitamins c

Vitamin C is a cell fortification vitamin that expect a basic part in the improvement and upkeep of all tissues in your body. It lives up to expectations in wound recovering and repair of cartilage, bones and teeth. Adults should get 90 mg for each day of vitamin C. A 1-compartment serving of rock melon gives 65 mg of vitamin C. One mug of casaba melon gives 37 mg of vitamin C, and honeydew gives 30 mg.

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