Innovation in Afghanistan

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What's innovation?

Innovation brings on or interlards something new, original and important in any field. Innovation can be new solutions and novel ideas that we need in different fields such as markets, society, organizations and government. Innovation cause that our products, processes, ideas and services be done more effective. And also I must say that innovation is different of invention and improvement. Innovation in a field can be the cause of its growth and development such a catalyst can make it updated and new to be acceptable for people according to new life improvement. And also I think that innovation causes that people use from technologies, materials and equipments easily. For example in a society an innovation that add to everyday quality of life include: the innovations to the light bulb from incandescent to compact fluorescent then LED technologies which offer greater efficiency, or innovation in business is the factor to growth with advancements in transportation and communication over the past decades.

Innovation in Afghanistan…

And finally about innovation in Afghanistan; its description is a little difficult because war and conflict have a considerable negative impact on every field and sector in a country. However, even most of parts of these sectors like education systems, organizations or business and marketing are damaged or destroyed by violence, multiple opportunities emerge from innovation and reform. Afghanistan is one of the in developing countries situated in Southeast Asia that suffered from three decades war and internal or external conflicts. We lost a lot of things in these years and innovation is one of them and our people have faced to wars and revolutions several times and due to which we could not be able to progress rapidly such the other countries or our neighborhood countries. But after year 2000 onwards, united nation, USA and some of European countries helped a lot of Afghanistan's people in every field especially in progress and prosperity which also includes the different kinds of technology innovation.

Whereas; as I told before most parts of different sectors are destroyed during the wars and conflicts I think at first we need to rebuild and replace the basics that these sectors can start their right functions then we can exist or create innovations. Though, in these years mean the years after 2000 various innovations are created in different sectors and these innovations are mostly technological innovations; such as 3G technology provided by different companies like Roshan that plays a vital role in the development of Afghanistan. And also the M-paisa mobile money service in Afghanistan which is a successful telecom development that also is introduced by Roshan Company. And the other mobile financial services that are used to transfer money safely that reducing need for cash. And finally the progress of agricultural field Afghanistan Agricultural extension projects (AAEP) and Agricultural Development Funds (ADF) and beside these Kabul innovation Lab are solving political problems by using mobile and internet technology are from innovations in Afghanistan it these last year that have a vital role in progress of Afghanistan.

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