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Have you even been in a situation where in you are opening an interesting site and this subscribe page comes up? The normal thing which blurs or darkens the background and gets you a pop out message saying like their FB page or subscribe to their newsletter?

Well, if you haven't encounter that, then soon I bet you will as I already had been experiencing that as well. See this is an annoying thing since FB fan pages had been created and the subscribe to newsletter as well as download links to mobile versions of website become totally demanding. Before, it was just an option plotted in the sides of the websites but because of the evolution as well of the world of web programming, things like pop out screens and such had taken effect. But not all web programmers make the site perfect, bug free. Oh let me reiterate that, what I meant is that no site is perfect, all websites has their own floss and most of the issues is this, you can't get rid of this pop out screen.

But no worries, let me show you how to get rid of that before your patience run out. It's a pretty easy simple trick and then that's when inspect element comes in action.

Check the video I made earlier today:

If you are just too tired to watch the video, let me tell you how to do it instead.

1. On the pop out screen, do right click and look for inspect element on the menu. This will show a side or bottom screen with a lot of scripts which you don't have to worry about. You don't have to learn what those scripts are.

2. Scroll or move you mouse, you'll see a blue highlight moving correspondingly as well. Wait and check if this line highlights the whole pop out window.

3. Click on that script and hit delete.

4. You're not done yet as we have to also take out the darkened screen if that's still on the monitor if not, then you can continue with the site but just in case it is still in there and you want a clear window screen, do the same thing as mentioned on the second and third steps.

So the next time you encounter the same kind of case, don't fret! Just relax and call inspect element!

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