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During my Travels in New Zealand, I visited Puzzling World in Wanaka. This building was like a museum for surreal and strange artwork. Featured on one of the walls were a series of paintings by Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves.

(Medieval Moonlight)

Now I am not usually a person to visit art galleries frequently but I do enjoy looking at various pieces of artwork especially if it falls into the surrealism category. Rob Gonsalves' paintings I viewed that day were probably the least highlighted section in the Puzzling World but they were the artwork which impressed me most by far. 

(Ladies of the Lake)

The seemingly simple image soon becomes more complex the more you look at it. He is one of these artists where I would love any of his artwork hanging in my home as they are all excellent.

(Water Dancing)

His artwork is really inspiring for any creative person. His paintings are so well thought out and executed with perfect fluidity, you are left to just admire his initial creative visions as well as the technical mastery of his craft. 

(The Chalkboard Universe)

Looking at artwork like always leaves me thinking about how I can apply what I have seen here to my own chosen form of artwork - Film. I think for each person, they can always take something different. For me, I take from this the ability to look at normal scenes and situations, and altering the imagery in order to aid the story. Much like the image above (The Chalkboard Universe), the use of the image of the Universe blending in with the formula that is attempting to describe the Universe, really tells the story of how a Theoretical Physicist may invision his formulas whereas others will just see them as numbers on a chalkboard. 

(Sailing Island)

His art is described as 'magic realism' which I think is a great term.

 If you have a moment, check out his website, you won't be dissapointed-

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