Inspirational Video of Animator Ignacio Ruiz Alvarez on Filmmaking in Afghanistan

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"Filmmaking is a shout to the world about what we want to say, we do not need more than the minimum technical resources, because if there is anything to say, with a certain point of view, people will pay attention."

Ignacio Ruiz Alvarez is a director and animator who specializes in Art Direction and screenwriting. He was born in Puerto Montt City. He studied at the cinema school of Universidad de Valparaíso de Chile, followed by illustration at the Creatives School, Brother Advertisement. He was also trained in drawing and painting at Escuela de Arte y Cultura de Puerto Montt.

He created an inspirational video for Afghan kids to encourage them in filmmaking and in particular animation. In his video he explained how he got interested to pursue his career as an animator. He believes that, with filmmaking you can rescue the culture, ideology, characters and customs of your city from a filmmaker perspective.

Thinking about post 2014 in Afghanistan is always a big concern for every Afghan. But thinking about Is the glass half empty or half full? will lead us to find the positive points of this story.  When thousands of foreign troops will leave Afghanistan we have an army of thousands of students who can replace them with the weapon of education and filmmaking using digital media technology.

Afghan Development Initiative's mission is to educate the Afghan kids at school by providing the filmmaking curriculum using the FilmAnnex filmmakers who join this initiative to help and support them by giving the inspirational videos and designing the curriculum.

This is how social media enable an Afghan kid who lives thousands miles away far from other kids around the world but can spread his message through her/his film and let the world know that Afghanistan is not just war and conflict, there are many other unseen aspects of this country.

 ایگناسیو - کارگردان، متخصص انیمیشن و نویسنده متن است. وی در شهر پیورتو مونت به دنیا آمده است. وی ویدئویی را برای شاگردان افغان تهیه کرده است که رد آن مراحل اینکه چگونه شاگردان میتوانند نظریات و خلاقیت های خود را به نمایش در بیاورند بیان میکند. وی معتقد است که فیلم و انیمیشن بهترین ابزار به منظور ارائه فرهنگ، سنت ها، آداب و رسوم و عقاید یک ملت میباشد. با نگاه کردن به نیمه پر و یا خالی یک لیوان پیدا کردن جواب راحت خواهد بود. با نگاه کردن به نیمه پر لیوان در افغانستان مخصوصا بعد از خروج نیروهای خارجی در ۲۰۱۴ میتوان بر این باور بود که شاگردان میتوانند گزینه ای مناسب به منظور جایگزینی برای نیروهای خارجی باشند.
پروژه انکشافی افغان با همکاری فیلمسازان در فیلم انکس برنامه آموزشی را برای شاگردان در مکاتب ایجاد کرده اند تا بتوانند از طریق فیلم نظریات و عقاید خود را به نمایش بگذارند و به جهانیان نشان دهند که افغانستان همیشه جنگ و جدال نیست بلکه چهره دیده نشده آن نیز وجود دارد.

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