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Instagram has been updated in this month on the 28th, pictogram hash tag it has become available.


During a baseball game watching, We want to up the photos of course Instagram. But Is not it difficult to me to tell exactly in character and excitement excitement you feel in the stadium? This time, if you use emoticons hash tag, by grouping photos in a more emotionally face and baseball-related pictograms, and now to be able to share with people who are feeling the excitement of the place in the same way It was.


Emoticons can be  as rapidly major communication tool in the last few years, I guess the Instagram also was forced addition to the hash tag function. Finally in this update, all conversations on Instagram is only pictogram is why now holds in. Direct minute the ultimate me conversation in only pictogram who put a lot of emotion, even without afford to read the poetry and meaning to read ... to hidden in there with a brush and paper, "read between the lines" I like act I feel will likely be more and more reduced.


 By the way, when I search for it on pictogram hash tag, I think that any photo is displayed? Face system is I can somehow imagine, of N use this any time?  BuzzFeed According to the emoticons that are often used in Instagram seems to "cry with laughter face," "Kiss face," "eyes Heart face". Well convinced. Because photos with hash tag of syringe blood was spouting, and It'll do not want try Everyone scroll.


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