Insulting to the beliefs of People and the Taliban’s Holy Quran burning

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The Taliban killed the governor of Kunar, a eastern province of Afghanistan in October fifteenth, 2013 in the first day of EID, an Islamic Holy carnival of Muslims. The EIDs are called the days of peace and making up, that all the Muslims should visit their friends, families, relations and neighbors’ homes. If there is any hostility, hatred, angriness or any other problem, they should solve them and start a new stronger relationship. But the Taliban, a combating group which claims that are following the principles of Islam did different. They killed the governor of Kunar Province of Afghanistan in the peace day of EID, in the mosque and by a bomb which was placed in the holy book of Quran, the most believed and respected book of Muslims that consider as total instructions of god to the  people, and respect it the most.

  EID is to remove  any hostility, hatred, angriness or any other problem, and start a new stronger relationship and friendship .

This is not the first time that the Taliban’s terroristic group kill innocent people, destroy the mosques, schools, bridges, streets, ways and the civilian properties, or using the innocent children for suicide bombing and as felo-de se. When they burn a school, a mosque or houses, as there are a lot of Qurans and holy books of Muslims, it is not possible that prevent from burning them. All these show that the Taliban are ready to do whatever is needed to get their goals. The recent event, exploding a bomb in the mosque inside of a Quran to kill a Muslim in the EID day is a good example. 

Taliban are a terroristic group, that killed thousands of civilian people up to now, around the world. 

When anything insulting happens to Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammad, Islamic principles or anything else related to Islam and Muslims’ belief, violent and huge demonstrations happens to condemn it, that usually get lives and a huge anarchy spread in the society. For example when two years ago a priest burned Quran in The USA, all over the world was witnessing the extended demonstrations of Muslims. In Afghanistan and some other countries, a lot of people were killed in the violence, anger and rages. But a question comes to my mind, when a non-muslin, a western, an American burn the Holy Quran, our violence and anger spread in the whole world, but when a Muslim does it nothing happens. Is it our hatred, rage and anger to the west or our love to Quran?

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