Interesting People With Interesting Opinions Make Interesting Media

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I have been in Florence for 9 days and my Florentine self is taking over. This town is dangerous for me. There are so much history and so many opinions. It's hard to rest my thoughts. Florentine people can have caratteraccio e grande ingegno. They can be argumentative and have great creativity. They carry thousands of years of history and were raised in the cradle of Renaissance. Good or bad, I am a primary example. I spent the first 21 years of my life in Florence and, of the last 23 in the USA, 21 in New York City, another opinionated and creative city.

When I read an article or engage in a conversation, I am craving the opinion. Above all,  I want and need to learn how people's mind works. The subject and the conclusion of the conversation is important but secondary. What comes first is the mind, regardless if it's is in agreement with me or not. In other words, I need to be intrigued by the cook to enjoy his or her food.

Aesthetics, justice, and truth share similar parameters. But what make them special are people's opinions and traditions. This is why personal points of view matter. Simply reporting with neutrality and political correctness softens the interests and kills the motivation. Interesting opinions give it a special flavor and taste.

Paolo Frosini of Resolvo opened my mind about Corporate Social Responsibility, Grants and Financing. Paolo shared with me his company's philosophy, his constant work towards quality, new challenges and ideas. Paolo combines the Tuscan acumen and curiosity with contemporary and international management skills that seem to match perfectly with what we are doing in the USA, and Central and South Asia.


Maria Meriggi is a painter specialized in Renaissance, Flemish and Old Masters Reinterpretations. She inspired me in planning the shooting of a series of documentaries on Florence's artists. Maria Meriggi's Art Studio is in Via Guicciardini, between Il Ponte Vecchio and Il Palazzo Pitti. The perfect story in the perfect location. It is something that must be told to thousands of children in developing countries like Afghanistan, where arts are a fundamental piece of educational and economical development, and where women like Maria can gain freedom of expression and establish profitable businesses through intelligent Social Media Education.


Interesting People with Interesting Opinions make Interesting Media.


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