Interesting stories that your history teachers did not tell you

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Today I am here with some very interesting stories. All those thing are true, but your history teachers will not talk about them. These stories are very interesting to me, and I hope you are going to like them too. 

Let's start!

Annie Oakley 

This woman was one of the best shooter on the Wild West.

Before I start a story about Annie, I would love to explain to you what Wild West really is. Wild West is period of history of North America. It is period between 1492. when America was 'discovered' by people from Europe, and 1890.  During this long period people were thinking America is a heaven on the Earth. Anyone from Europe could move there, take a piece of land, and be free. Many people were cowboys, everyone had a gun. Many people were robbed and killed because law was not very strict. Actually there were some rules for killing, if you respect that rules, you will not be punished for killing someone. 
In the whole Europe stories about Wild West were very popular. Europeans were reading books about Wild West and listening songs about it.
Main entertainment on Wild West was ''Wild West Show''. This was some kind of circus, and there people could see rodeo, riding wild horses, shooting...


Credits:Wannabe Magazine

Now, is time to get back to story about Annie Oakley. She was first superstar and the best shooter of the whole Wild West. 
Her father died when Annie was a baby, her mother remarried, but second husband of her mom died to. Her family was very poor, they lost their farm. so Annie ended up in an orphanage. She was adopted, but people who adopted her were really terrible.

She was working very hard, but they were not paying her. She decided to change something in her life, and she became a hunter. Haunted animals she was selling to restaurants, and before she turned 15, she earned enough money to buy her family's farm.

After that she was performing in circus and in theater. She was first woman famous in the whole Americapeople loved her, she was very kind, and she was pretty. Of course, Annie had many enemies, but she was always better than all of them. Also, she was woman rights activist, and she taught about 15,000 girls how to shoot, and how to take care of their guns. 

Annie died on 3rd of November in 1926. She bequeathed all her money to poor people in all parts of United States. 

Emperor who gave us vine

This is a story about Marcus Aurelius Probus. This is Roman emperor who lived in 3rd century of our era. He is not very famous, and you will not listen story about him on your history classes. I will not be telling you a story about his life, because that is not very important for the history. He was not one of those emperors who did amazing things for Roma. 


Credits: Wikipedia

But, he did great thing for all those people who love wine.

While Marcus was emperor, vine was planted outside of the Italy for the first time. He was from Sirminum, nowadays this place is called Sremska Mitrovica, and it is located in Serbia, so he planted vine near the town where he was born.  

Probus was fighting in the whole Europe, and he was planting vine everywhere where he has been. In France, England and Spain. And you must confess that vine means much more for us nowadays, than fighting against people who were living in those parts of the world. Nowadays, we do not know for all those folks, and we do not care about them, but many of us love wine.

People of Roma loved Probus, he was really good emperor for his people, and because of that it is still a mystery why Roman soldiers killed him. 

Anyway, next time, when you decide to drink a glass of good wine, remember good emperor Probus, who bring it to Serbia, Spain, English... and gave a chance to everyone to drink it. 

What good fun really is?

Whole world was talking about Charlie Sheen who went on vacation with his ex wife, his girlfriend and a pron star. Everyone was commenting that Charlie is crazy pervert, but you need to confess that many people would love to be as free as he is. And if you think that he is the one who invented this kind of having fun, you are wrong. 

People in Ancient Roma were freer and crazier than Charlie Sheen. And that is definitely something what you are not going to hear in school. Because of that, I am here, to share this story with you. Get ready to see what Ancient Roman were thinking is really funny. 


Credits: History Things

Many Roman emperors were doing many bizarre things, but one of them is definitely far away from all others. His name was Elagabalus. And this is story about him.

He was not born in Roma, so he wanted his arrival in the capital city to be spectacular. He came in Roma in golden carriages. But, carriages were not pulled by horses as everyone expected. Carriages were pulled by many naked girls, and emperor had make up on his face, and he was dressed up like a woman. 

That is not worst thing he has done.

Once he made a 'party' in his castle, and when all the guests were drunk, he closed all the doors of the room where party was, and a couple of tiger get into the room. Beasts had not teeth and claws, but guests did not know that.

And, this is not the worst thing he has ever done.

He was thinking that colors are very important for everyone, and as you know red and green are great combinations. Emperor had a lot of grass in his yard, and many times he killed some of his slaves in the yard, so their blood can drop on the grass. 

His death was very bizarre too. He knew that people do not love him because of all terrible things he was doing, but he was very afraid of being killed, so he decided to kill himself in case of any danger, but at the end he was killed on very bizarre way by his guardians.

His guardians killed him while he was taking a bath, and they were using sponge that was used instead of toilet paper, and nobody would love to die like that.
After he was killed they cut off his head, and thrown it in the street from balcony.

Those three stories were very interesting to me, and because of that i wanted to share them with you. If you like some of them, please let me know that in the comments below. If you like this post I am going to write more posts similar to it. 
If there is any interesting thing from the history, and you would love to know more about that, let me know that, I will write about it, I will give my best to find some less known facts about that. 

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

Love you all!

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