Intern Buzz – 10 questions for Amy Dymond

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About you… 1. How would you describe yourself in three words? Lost in Amyland 2. If someone wrote an article about your time at ÉCU, what would the headline be (this may or may not be shamelessly stolen and used as the title to this Intern Buzz by a lazy editor) European Independent Film Festival rescues stray dingo off the streets of Paris 3. What is your favourite drink? I wouldn’t say no to a cucumber and basil martini. 4. Cats or dogs? Dogs – my family bought a puppy (obviously to fill the void of moi) and she’s actually hilarious. She’s a Pug crossed with a Jack Russell crossed with the Queen of England. 5. Given ÉCU is a film festival, here’s some film-themed questions…What is your favourite film? Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – I saw it at the movies five times. 6. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you? Emma Stone! 7. What did you do during your time at ÉCU? I was Scott’s assistant so I followed him around, carried some heavy things and fell over a lot. But I also learnt how to take beautiful photos, interview people, shoot videos and edit them together. It was like going to film school but for free! So much work goes into putting together an event like this and meeting all the incredible filmmakers, judges and musicians at the festival, not to mention being able to see Europe’s best independent films were some pretty serious perks. 8. What was the single best thing that happened to you? We got invited to Tbilisi in Georgia to showcase the 2011 winning films and not only was it my favorite moment at ÉCU, but it was the highlight of my time overseas. We worked very hard, met some incredible people in a country that only four years ago was at war with Russia. …and the worst? Not being deported back to Tbilisi! ;) 10. What would you say to someone considering interning for ÉCU? You’d be a fool to say no. Never will you meet a bigger bunch of weird carnival creatures! Everyone who works at ÉCU has an important job and it was so inspiring to be amongst a group of people who for months were living to make ÉCU an awesome experience. You’ll make friends from every corner of the world who you will have for life and if that’s the least of it, you’d be an idiot to let the opportunity pass you by. Read the article in French, Spanish, Italian and German here:

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