Internet Cartel in the Philippines?

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I have a suspicion that there is a conspiracy going on concerning one of the most valuable commodity in our daily lives: the Internet. It seems life is boring and cannot continue without the Internet. Many people are so dependent on its usage nowadays. This is not really much of a problem if Internet is used properly and if it does not hinder one's productivity at work and at school.

One big problem of many Filipinos is the poor quality of Internet connection from Internet providers in the country. Apart from that, price seems not improving over the years. In fact, telecom companies no longer compete among themselves regarding pricing, and they have put a cap on the Internet bandwidth they provide their users. This is unlike before where unlimited Internet was true. Today, it is just an idea.

I regained hope when I heard that the Australian company Telstra will put up offices in the Philippines. I believed this would end the "Internet cartel" among the major Internet providers in the country, namely Smart, Globe and PLDT. However, January 2016 has passed, but where is Telstra now? Perhaps it was not allowed to enter the country by some politicians whose businesses would be adversely affected.

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