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Frank Benitez is young and talented filmmaker, who made it to ÉCU 2012 Official Selection with his film “Minute 200″. This interview was finished couple of weeks before the festival.

By Alexander Acosta Osorio

Q: Where does the inspiration for your short come from?

A: Usually my inspiration comes from places I visit or just an image that sticks in my memory. In this case it was that of a house in my hometown, a dilapidated house that had a sign on the facade which offered minutes for calls to cell phones, then I was intrigued because it seemed that the house or its inhabitants were selling time I had to live. This resulted in the history of Minute 200.

Q: In the process of making a short film, what are the most important things you should consider?

A: The idea and the desire to want to, but above all a determination that borders on stubbornness.

Q: For you, what makes a film successful or a total failure?

A: It’s hard, it is about many things and there is no guaranteed formula for success. But that has to do with identifying with the public, that is something that touches their feelings of sadness to already, nostalgia, joy … To produce a reaction in the viewer. The story that does not make contact to no safe level will not succeed. The universal themes like love have great potential, yet we think the author should do what I want to express at that time.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect the process of making your film?

A: Two basically, first things was to get the ideal location to shoot and fortunately it had once brought the latter as the protagonists of the story Vivian there, and was a wonderful thing because although they were people who never in his life had been front of a camera, surrendered with all his humility and nobility to the project.

Q: The good, the bad and the ugly of making your own films? Is there something you’ve done differently?

A: The good: people, always or almost always. You work with, whom you know, those who help you in the process. It is a collaboration and that is very good. The bad: the search for budget. It is not easy to do but not impossible.

The ugly: Well, in this case is the lack of dissemination, especially the shorts in Colombia go unnoticed, the channels are not interested and no pryectarlos rooms, only a few festivals.

Q: What is your favorite format to shoot a film? Is the format part of the story? What do you think?

A: The digital. Gives me more freedom and peace of mind when shooting. I think shooting in 35mm or 16 is becoming something more romantic than anything else.

Q: Do you believe in film festivals? What is your experience in the festival circuit?

A: Totally. This is where the film truly lives. Indeed I have little experience so far is my second short film and am very happy with the international acceptance to date is selected by 12 festivals. In Colombia has not yet been released.

Q: Secrets of the trade you would like to share? Be generous.

A: What I have said, to the stubborn perseverance. It’s no secret by the way but many people stay on the road.

Q: How did your interest for film begin? And today where you see it going?

A: Since I can remember I’ve always liked the movies, had a list of all the movies I had seen good and bad. Just a taste for it if it got later and continued, now more than ever.

Q: Future projects? What’s next?

A: The long. Is under development at the stage of achieving lasting resources.

Q: What does this recognition mean for you and your team? And how do you feel about being selected to ÉCU as well?

A: There will always be good to recognize your work, appreciate it, especially when you do what you love. Guadalajara’s award is an achievement both personnel and equipment. A confirmation that things are done well. ÉCU selection is also part of that recognition, which began with our world premiere in Bulgaria!, And that makes it even more special. For us it is important not only to display this work in latinamerica but also in the rest of the world and that ÉCU is primarily a European film festival makes us feel proud. If I speak in prural is precisely because it has been a work in which many participated, and the merit is also collective.

Watch the trailer of the film HERE !!

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