#InTheLab Review - The 2014 Golden Globes

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Does anybody ever remember sitting through an awards show and saying afterward; "Wow, that was freakin' awesome!"  Well, pretty sure that comment can rest easy at least until Saturday night when TBS Network will televise the Screen Actors Guild Awards...

The Golden Globe Awards television coverage was  pretty much what we've all come to expect - interviews and hi-jinx (photo bombing and bird-flipping) on the pre-show Red Carpet where the really important questions like "Who are you wearing" are asked (bathing suits and flippers might have come in handy thanks to a burst water-pipe), to the actual show itself which featured some excellent "WTF?" moments along with comedy, drama and good old-fashioned Hollywood Star power and glamour.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler delivered nicely again like the pros they are, and Poehler actually took home an award for her trouble. Their opening monologue was solid, poking fun at Matt Damon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Some of the evenings highlights included a substance fueled acceptance speech from Jacqueline Bisset that made millions of viewers uncomfortable in their own living rooms and sent social media into convulsions. And tell me what guy isn't at their stylist today asking for that do' like the cat who won for Best Original Score?  We also learned a few things over the course of the evening... Who knew that Tina Fey had an "illegitimate son" with Harvey Weinstein? It seems that everyone from Amy Poehler to P. Diddy wants to make out with Bono.  The fabulous Emma Thompson would rather lose her shoes than her booze.  And the slightly odd Annie Hall apparently can swear like a dockworker as well as carry a tune.

There were some surprise winners and snubs, with the filmmakers and cast of "12 Years a Slave" scratching their heads at being called up to the podium to claim the big prize for Best Motion Picture Drama to close out the event after going 0 for 6 early on.

So the watch is officially on now for the Academy Awards as the Globes are in the rearview mirror.  #InTheLab will continue to be right in the middle of it, keeping you informed and entertained...



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