Introducing bitLanders Payment: Transfer your earnings to Paypal or Bitcoin

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You have noticed that the Amazon cards have been removed from the shop.

You have asked why, and we were elusive...

Now is the time.


Introducing bitLanders Payment!


With bitLanders Payment, you can choose to turn your earnings into:

- Paypal credit starting from $10, to be transferred on your Paypal account,

- Bitcoin credit starting from 0.025 BTC, to be sent to your Bitcoin wallet.

You can purchase a bitLanders Payment in the shop, like you would for any gift card. You will be asked to provide your Bitcoin wallet address or Paypal e-mail. In order for us to be able to process your order, for tax purposes, please also enter your SSN and address (only if you are a US resident).

You've almost reached the payout threshold but are missing a bit more in your earnings? You can still withdraw now! Simply pay the difference with Paypal or Bitcoin, and your requested Payment will be delivered to you!

That's not all! For every 0.02BTC spent in the shop, you will get 1 extra point in your BuzzScore for 5 days.

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