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What is Web-TV?

Web-TV is short of "Web Television" and it is way of broadcasting Television through World Wide Web.

Everyone knows that BitLanders is platform for users where they come to earn rewards in the form of Bitcoin currency by posting their quality content on it and being a rewarding social web BitLanders pay to its users. WebTVs of BitLanders are purely dedicated to sports, short films, animations, interviews and public movies etc. As told by Micky the administrator of bitlanders in his blog about Web-TV channels when we find such channels on bitlanders and click on it we earn Bit-miles reward in return which is again a form of earning. So by watching such channels when we see their banners on bitlanders we can click on it to earn rewards. BitLanders  Web-TV became a source  for showcasing the contents of animators, directors, authors etc. at one platform from where all the world can access it easily. Web-TV is developed because these days web has become the most fastest convenient and easiest way to deliver your ideas and thoughts with public and internationally.

Here in this blog I shall describe about the Web-TV channels of Bitlanders which are as listed below here:-

  1. Animaty

  2. Bravame

  3. Classimatic

  4. Conversaty

  5. Comediaty

  6. Documentaty

  7. Silentyarn

  8. Suspensaty

  9. Sportivy

  10. Stories on the Web


Animaty is a channel showcasing animated films and series including classic cartoons and independent animations presented at international film festivals. Now a days Animations have great role in creating movies, cartoon and even presentation to give a clear view of idea that are created in our mind. So by presenting your idea in this form makes easy to understand and also a source of joy and relish. So Lets come and explore some interesting animations that are presented on such channels. 

sign of Animaty channel:

Here now I will show some contents that are posted on this channel.

An Animation: Requiem of Romance

Click to go to video source

A Short Animation Story: Once Upon a Guest


click to go to video source




Bravame is an entertainment website and since it inception in 2006 this Channel is showcasing independent films, animations, and web series. Bravame presents the work or independent film of directors and animators.

What is an independent film?
An independent film is a professionally made movie produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system.
Independent movies are sometimes different from major studios films by their content and style as they reflect more of their director’s artistic vision. They are often made with lower budgets and usually have a more limited release. Independent films are often screened at film festivals before distribution.

What is an animated movie?
An animation creates the illusion of motion and shape change by rapidly displaying a series of static images. The earliest cinema animation was composed of frame-by-frame, hand-drawn images. While animated films often appeal mostly to children, they can easily be enjoyed by all.

What is a web series?
A web series is a series of scripted videos, generally of several episodes (or webisodes), released online.

What is a short film?
A short film is any movie not long enough to be considered a feature film. As defined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, it has a “running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits."
Short films generally rely on festival screenings to reach an audience, where “short film/animation” categories are now often part of the program. New independent filmmakers usually start with short films because of their lower cost.

I shall preview here some of the works of different people regarding above mentioned fields which this channel is broadcasting to encourage directors and animators who tends to work independently.

God's Name in Vain

An epic story about birth, death and side effects of human faith.

Click to go to video Source


An Animation: SPRING

click to go to video source


WEB SERIES - #2 The Descent

Click to go to video source



image source


Classimatic is a channel presenting classic films and series, and public domain movies. It showcases the work of legendary directors like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Alfred Hitchcock, and classic cartoons like Popeye, Betty Boop and Tom & Jerry.

Public domain films are films that were released into the public domain by its author or whose copyright is expired. Public domain films are free to use by the public for any purpose without restriction under copyright law.

Charlie Chaplin: Image source

Alfred Hitchcock: Image source

Buster Keaton image source



click to go to video source


Popeye for President



click to go to video source


Superman Trailer

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Conversaty is a channel presenting interview videos with renown actors, film directors, animators, scientists, athletes, and business men and women.

Here some videos are given showing some interview for your information.

“Insidious: Chapter 3” Interview with Dermot Mulroney

click to go to video source


The Other Boleyn Girl - Interview with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson

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Comediaty is a channel showcasing short comedy films and animations by independent filmmakers and renown directors.


Connect 4 - A short film by London based Independent Filmmaker, Andy Parker

click to go to video source

One Night Stand

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Documentaty is a channel featuring documentaries about various topics like education, sports, environment, politics, news, and world issues.



Laura : A portrait of an artist - Documentary

click to go to video source


BitLanders launches anonymous registration


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Silentyarn is a channel presenting silent classic films by renown directors.



A Trip to the Moon

click to go to video source


The Night Before Christmas (1905) Silent Movie

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Suspensaty is a channel showcasing suspense and thriller movies and animations by independent filmmakers and renown directors.

A few video of above related topic are being shared here for reference.



Back Up A short Film


click to go to video source


Sportivy is a channel showcasing sports videos from competition matches and car races to interview with athletes and extreme sports videos.




2014 NY Open Judo - Women Division Japan vs. USA


Car Race

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Stories on the Web:

Stories on the Web is a channel showcasing web series from independent filmmakers and animators.


Ninja Steve Episode 4

click to go video source


PERSEPHONE Web Series - #5 The Enchantress

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All above web tv channels are providing a platform for all the individual worker like animation creator, director, writer, short film maker and others who want to show their work to others but has no way to do so. So, Bitlanders by creating such channels has given an opportunity to showcase their work on world wide media and then the people of interest can reach them.

Overall, Its a way to express, earn and learn many many things.

Hope this is enough! Thanks for watching.. take care




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