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As I am doing BS honors in Chemistry. Beside my studies, I also observed some characteristics of girls of my College. And I described the girls of my college in the language of chemistry. First of all I will give you a brief introduction about girls.

INDRODUCTION: Girl is the most well-known and popular element of the world. It occupies the top most position of periodic table. Its symbol is “G”. Its atomic number is 5 and atomic weight about 55 and 65 kg. It has molecular weight double of man. They mostly depend upon creams and cosmetics.

OCCURANCE: It exists both in free and combined state everywhere. Degree College Haripur (my college) is the main source where they found in abundance. University of Haripur and Govt Girls Degree College are among its huge deposits.

EXTRACTION: This precious element can be found everywhere in Degree College Haripur. Some in free State and some in ionic state. Extraction of element G from its area is very difficult, that is why this rich element is ignored and if G wants to combine with other element B forming double covalent bond and the force of attraction is called love.


PHYSICAL: It has a very soft body. Its color is variable and depends upon the cosmetics used. Nothing can be said about its smell, because its body is perfumed with perfumic acid. It may have one smell at one time and alter smell at other time. However, most of the time its octopi is pleasant.

It’s melting and boiling points are very low. Its outer most layer is after the cosmetiszed, melts even if exposed to sunlight.

CHEMICAL: In favorable condition and at room temperature it secrets gas called telephonic talk between B & G. This reaction takes place in the absence of two strong catalysts (mom and dad).



It reacts with cosmetic soda in all temperature and condition in the presence of catalyst called mirror.

                    Cosmetic soda + Girl +   Mirror        =          Beautiful girl


No sooner it comes in contact with well-dressed girls and G begins to emit vapours called jealousite. Its nucleus (Heart) which is stable before the contact becomes unstable and catches fire.


No one knows whether this element is useful or not but one thing is certain that it is used for developing quarrels and producing bad properties of other people.


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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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