Introduction of Hydro Electric Power Station

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Hydro Electric Power Station

Hydro electric power station are generally installed and located in very hilly area.where dam can built in the hill of land and water reservoirs can be storage of water for hydro electric power  Dam across the lake of the river.form the dam to water led to a turbine the water turbine catchy the energy falling in the changes hydro energy convert the mechanical energy in to the turbine shaft the turbine drivers the convert mechanical energy in to the electrical energy.Hydro electric  plant very popular of fuel  dam of importance for control flood, storage of water use of water for drinking purpose


1-  No fuel Required as water used for fuel to generation the electrical energy

2- Neat an clean as like no smoke to produced the electrical energy

3-very less maintenance requires to produced to electrical energy

4-Small  Running  charges to start the generation the electrical energy and electrical energy avil free of cost

5-It dose not require the long time to start the plant of hydro electric station


1-Very Capital cost due to the installed the hydro electric plant

2-very high cost to transmission lines as a plant is located in hilly

Choice Of site For the hydro electric plant

Water Availability:-

primery source of the hydro electric plant is water hydro electric plant is installed the where place to storeg and dam of water huge qunantity of water is avil like as a river or canal

Storage of water:-

There are wide water to require to supply form river or canal during a year the water is a necessary elment to produced the electrical energy of hydro electrical plant then the water storage a dam order to ensure  the generating the plant

Cost And types  of land to installed the Plant

The land for the installed the energy plant is responsible price and the land is hard not soft land required to installed the hydro electric plant the weight of land is very high


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