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In  every sphere of our Life we have to depend on Science, as it has blessed on us by God with so many gifts, by the help of science,  human being has turn into the Master of the entire Life. In Farming, Business, Commerce, Infrastructure, Family Circle, Medication, Transportation and Amusement, and all departments of life, science and expertise have ushered us into a new age of hope and wealth. Human Beings tries to discover the methods to fulfill his desires with the help of science. Science is a Methodical information knowledge and the man who utilizes this knowledge is labeled a Scientist.

Guys, tries to find out the ways to fulfill his requirements by the help of science. Science is the logical knowledge and the man who uses this knowledge is called a Scientist. We journey to a remote place by train. An engine, either a steam or diesel engine, pulls the train. The basic steam engine was fabricated by James Watt, who was a giant Scientist. Today the steam and diesel engines have been changed with electric engines, we can fly in air like birds. We can arrive at any part of the planet within little time. Do you recognize who invented this Aeroplane? Wright Brothers invented the Aeroplance and made our lengthy passage quick and relaxed.

The most important and great invention of today is the Cell phone, who was invented in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, and at present mobile phone has become major element  of our life. It is a great method to converse with relatives and friends. You can send and get text mail with the help of Mobiles. It is really astonishing creation.

 Science has made a vast input in the ground of medicine and surgical procedure also.Another great scientist Gugliemo Marchese Marconi, who invented Radio & Wireless, and with the help of Telephone and Wireless we can speak to everybody in any place of the world. By switching on the Television, we can look at a selection of attractive and Informative Programmes. No doubt the, Scientists have made unfeasible odd jobs potential. But unfortunately superstitions and false notions predominate in many areas of our social and economic life. By familiarizing science among the common people, we may bring in a new societal order. Science must go profound inside our social structure and carry a helpful transform in our feelings towards living..


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