IPhone 6 The bad news. Read before Buying. I want your opinion...

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The Iphone 6 was just released with all theses problems.

Is it just poor judgement made by the company?   Apple makes so much money off there products why don't they fix these problems before they are released?

#1...   The bending issue... This guy bends it with his bare hands.

#2...  OS8 cause it to crash

#3...  Won't sync calendars and contacts

Check out what the Washington Post had to say...

Let me know what you think about the New Iphone 6 and if you have had any of these problems.  

We as consumers need to have a voice or these huge companies will continue to sell us shitty defected products like this.  

How can they get away with this. If this was most any other industry it would not be approve. Why does apple technology get to pass off this crap off on us.

Let me know what you think...


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