Is co-education system is better than single gender education system ?

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Prior to proceeding further whether in its favour or pleading opposite, let me elucidate first that of which kind of society we are living in and who we are? As a matter of fact we can’t exclude these two basic questions while determining the validity of given topic as educational institutions under education system are part of our society and must reflect the norms of our religion, traditions and customs prevailing in our society.

Pakistan is an “Islamic Republic” country having Muslim population in majority. Muslim people follow and act upon the injunctions of holy Qur’an. As per the injunctions of Surrah Maida adult females are ordered to observe Pardah by veiling as a token of respect and glory. Moreover, it acts as shield for maintaining and guarding the modesty of women.

Psychologically and biologically it is not feasible to allow students of both genders to interact in the class rooms, schools and educational institutions especially during pre-adolescent and post-adolescent stages of growth. American psychologist JoAnn Deak said "Girls and boys are as different from the neck up as they are from the neck down" therefore, it is pertinently necessary to keep aloof both genders in their social interaction during pre-puberty and puberty stages of females and pre-adolescent and post-adolescent stages of males. He has further pointed out that option for single-sex schools is the best because it minimizes distractions and enables pupils to focus more on their academic work and school-related extramural activities.

An eminent sociologist Linda Gates has said “From the information we gather through the Life Talk forums, teachers say that academically, children perform better at single-sex schools”.

It has been observed that girl students do not ask and put more academic questions to the teacher because of their shyness. Similarly, it becomes very difficult for the teachers to teach reproductive system of animals and human being in a class room where students of both genders are together.

In view of my above cited averments it can be concluded that in all respects whether religiously, morally, psychologically or socially, co-education system is not better than single gender education system. Do you think co-education system is better than single gender education system? I hope that your answer will be in negative because co-education system contains drastic anomalies and is highly repugnant to our religious, moral, psychological, ethical and social norms .


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