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I have been following this "story" for a long time; when I was a teenager, I used to hear by people in my surroundings that don't over drink tea or coffee since it is bad for health, and whenever I searched for proof regarding this "claim", I found out that it is true to a great extent. The result was, that I hardly drank tea or coffee, and I am still "allergic" to tea or coffee - one cup once a day, 4 times a week - that is all I consume. I don't know if it is because what people put in my ears since childhood or I am extinctively avoiding intake of tea or coffee. Well, then the time has changed!

Recently (I mean for 3-4 years now), I have read completely different researches on consumption of tea or coffee and the most recent research that I went through was conducted by Daniel Borota, related to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, citing that the purpose of the research was to determine if the previous reasearches, which showed that caffeine effects as a cognitive enhancer, can remain for a longer period or not. The research was conducted on 160 people with different age groups. They were shown the pictures of a few items one day, and were asked if the pictures were new, old or same as original ones. Stunningly, people who were given a specific dose of caffeine, stood out than the ones who were not given any dose of caffeine.

Hence, the researched conducted by Daniel Borota and the team, found out that people who took 200 mg of caffeine performed better as far enhanced memory is concerned. Well, go on, take 200 mg and check yourself then. Do you think you have a memory loss problem? No worries, now we have caffeine in the market to help you out regain your memory (did you forget when you ate last time, by the way?). Guys, take it easy! Did you hear about this: "Excess of everything is bad", so how can increase of caffeine in your daily diet will make you regain your lost memory (oh by the way, how did you lose it?). Well, you need to take my take on this as well since you came this long to read all this.

I personally think this and researches like this one does not give the final wordings as caffeine is healthy or not because a research conducted today can lose its weight tomorrow when a new research is conducted - in short, nothing is final and do not fall on "researches" until deduction is made. Did you read biology, or either of botany or zoology? Well, hypothesis are only initial form of getting somewhere so, let us only take it as hypothesis. One thing is for sure - whenever I drank tea or coffee at night, I could not sleep better - this proves that it increases your blood pressure (a man can't sleep when blood pressure is higher). What I can suggest is to go ahead, drink coffee or tea, since it is included in one of the herbs, but again "excess of everything is bad" must be kept in mind.

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