Is discipline is necessary for living in a professional field

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Today I will talk about the discipline in the society and the problem of person which do not follow the discipline. Throughout history, discipline has been associated with military, as if other profession can do without it.

The truth is, everyone needs a discipline in one form for an other in order to carry the life various challenges. Actually the word has the same route as discipline and in sometime defined to mean the art of being disciplines.

The art of discipline is taught in operations where implicit and immediate obedience to order is important. Hence we have a high level of discipline in the armed forces , in ships and in the fire service.

Coordination and truth is each other and the leader have to be perfect. Each man has to do exactly as he told. In the army where commanders are the only ones who can see the whole picture the same thing happens.

Yet the discipline of the profession and the intense training that they had gone through, make them charge to there death, in fulfillment of the missions. Discipline is what make a difference between successful life and many following along without am aim and being at the mercy of circumstance.

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