Is education is necessary for girls like boys to live in our modern society

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Today we talk about a very important topic which is education and also about education of women.Education is a way that take us on the bright way.It is the step of success.

If we see the modern country ,peoples are well educated and pass a very happy life and stand on the top of success.This is all due to education .Education is not only necessary for boys,It is also for girls.In the villages people do not give well education to the girls because he think that girls are born only for home work.

In the villages women have no freedom of education,going outside home and even have no freedom of freely talk about their life.This is wrong thing because our religion teach us that to get education is our first duty.In Islam education is allow for both girl and boy.

In our society we follow the rules of man made society which is totally wrong.If we talk about the cities,the women are well educated as compare to the villages.In the cities women get high education and stand on a good post like the other mans.

In the cities there are no difference between boys and girls.The women have freedom of every work and this is our Islam.

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