is facebook is the biggest social media of internet

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Today i will talk about the biggest social media of internet that name is Facebook . As you know that Facebook use all around the world and work like a connection between the people anywhere.

Social media is a networking that play a very important role in our life and is the biggest source of communication. On the Facebook we can easily communicate with the people without any cost. On the Facebook we can chat or talk with video call also.

On Facebook we can update our daily status and upload the different pictures, movies and our comments that is a fun. On the Facebook millions of people are work and use it in their extra time. Facebook is also a source of income like we can make there sites and publish on the Facebook.

And get like and comment on them and are the large amount of money because many sites pay us according to their visitors. Facebook is a unlimited source of communication in our modern society. As we know that there are millions of people around us that use Facebook daily.

If we talk about the disadvantages of Facebook , the biggest disadvantage is that it is a big source of wastage of time .Many students and people use it on there study time and do not give a better concentration to his study. As a result they will lost their future.

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