Is hookah or sheesha safe?

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In Akbar regime when a physician Hakim Abul invented hookah he didn’t know he is creating an atomic bomb for the humans. Today hookah or sheesha is very popular in the youth all over the world it is estimated that more than 100 million people around the world taste hookah every day and 70 to 80% are in between 13 to 25. People think that it is the safe way then cigarette because smoke carrying nicotine heavy metals and carcinogen passed through water in hookah and they think the entire harmful thing filter out in water but this is not true and unfortunately they are playing with health bomb

Sheesha is more harmful then cigarette. One puff of sheesha is equal to the 100 puff of cigarette and studies shows that the amount of nicotine in cigarette is 1 to 3% but in sheesha it is about 2% to 4%.The smoke of hookah contains many dangerous compounds like carbon monoxide nicotine arsenic lead tar and charcoal. Studies reveal that in average of one hour people inhale about 100 to 200 time more smoke then cigarette 


Hookah has same effect as of cigarette. It can cause lung as well as bladder cancer pulmonary and heart diseases infertility and by sharing of pipe it also cause spread of many diseases 

Steps should be taken to prevent the spreading of the hookah.

  • Media should be involve in the campaign of spreading awareness about hookah
  • In school and colleges the teachers should tell the students about the hazards of the hookah
  • Seminars should be held  about this subject
  • In government sectors the law should be mad and implemented to avoid the spread of the hookah



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