Is it Blogging or News? Why Not Both – “X-Blogging”?

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We, “global citizen,” need information and context, and not mere opinions or current events flying at us with rapidity of breaking surf on a boogey board. Riding on top or at least with the waves is critical for awareness, empowerment and identifying the course and means of response. Even if you opt to be an observer on most issues – none of us have infinite time, energy or passion, seemingly distant/unrelated events may be worthy of noting, at least for intellectual awareness. Social media, blogging and global developments are the most complementary. Traditional media will focus only on a few highlights while frequently ignoring the breadth and depth of most issues – it is not so much conspiracy as limitation. (There is a tendency to bias though, even if an overt effort to project neutrality when impartiality/objectivity are the relevant measure). Is blogging on the decline? To the contrary: blogging is evolving and to a higher sphere. DashBurst (@DashBurst) recently forwarded the following article: “7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Still Important in 2012” by Neil Patel Highly recommended. I would add though, when Neil’s insights are applied to a global audience, blogging, information and context become even more seamless as a distant horizon for eyes straining to distinguish. In this sense engaging with your global online community is also part of the evolution and development of strategy/interaction. Further, contributions from the audience, not just in likes, but comments and/or articles become part of the exchange. Some of the responses we receive at Diplomatically Incorrect ( ) are more extensive and I dare say frequently enough not only insightful but furthering the discussion in quantum’s beyond the initial article. This gives ever more substance rather than more rhetoric to our motto: “Voice of the Global Citizen.” (We have also undertaken to post “career” and other professional/academic opportunities as both not for profit and business enterprises rapidly scale up to meet the global prospects/challenges). “X-Blogging” Think we may need to invent a new label for the new more than blogging evolution –NeXt blogging? How about just “X-Blogging” - swiping the lead from “X-Men,” but you can call us mutants. Could you believe Kelsey Grammar’s, “McCoy,” character ends up as US Ambassador to the United Nations – can’t resist the parallels? Did see “Storm” Halle Berry making her way to the UN Delegates’ Lounge – no hello, just blew right by me! By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey - FOLLOW mo @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow at DiplomaticallyX

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