Is it Getting Hotter Every Summer?

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I was already up around 5 AM. The electric fan is working but the air is warm! I checked my phone for the Accuweather's reading. It was 27 degrees Celsius! And the Temperature could go as high as 31 degrees Celsius today!

The Temperature at 7 AM

by @artbytes

Surface Temperature is Increasing

I always thought that it is getting hotter every summer. With the heat, this morning,  I thought I will do a quick search and find out if I was right.

Just a thought: I never planned for to make this blog. But the heat is just so unbearable that to let this "hot inspiration" pass without blogging about it.

I was right. The heat index table below shows that the highest temperature was in the last few years. thought it dropped a little bit last year (2017).

History of Global Surface Temperature Since 1880



 Summer Heat

I drive a motorcycle. Of course, it has no air conditioning or any form of protection against the heat, except for my old helmet and a jacket. Still, I can feel the heat whenever I drive. It seems I can't even feel my sweat anymore. I guess the sweat evaporates as soon as it exits my pores. (A little exaggeration there.) 

Just today. I drove just for a few minutes under the summer heat. When I got home, I can still feel the heat under my jacket. My lips dry. I was dehydrated. 

I drank almost a liter of water in one sitting.

I almost drank one whole liter of water in one sitting.

by: @artbytes

Well, I did finish it while typing this blog.

Effects of Global Warming.

Global warming, also referred to as climate change, is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system, and its related effects

Is the extreme heat one of the effects of global warming? I'm afraid so. What I fear more is, if the heat is almost unbearable already this year, what would it be in the few years to come? How hot could it be by then?

A plant dried up and died because of the heat.

by: @artbytes

Shifting Season.

It is already the second day of May. I remember when I was just a kid. The month of may already marks the end of summer here in the Philippines. The rainy season should already start. However, for the last few years, it's different.

In the old days, summer usually starts on the first week of March. This year, summer was not officially declared by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA ) until April.

What Causes Global Warming?

I know that almost everybody knows the cause or the causes of global warming.

1. Pollution 

Pollution from factories, coal-fueled electric generators, diesel engined vehicles (especially the old ones). All of these emit Carbon Dioxide which pollutes the air and breaks the Ozone layer.


Image Credit: FastFlash Via Pixabay

Trash that we indiscriminately throw away just anywhere. Including the candy wrapper you just threw away. Yes, each of us contributes to this Global Warming phenomenon.

2. Fewer trees

Trees suck up Carbon Dioxide (CO2). However, trees are indiscriminately cut down for their logs, firewood or turned into charcoal. Also, hills are cleared of trees and converted into subdivisions!

A deforested mountain.

Image credit: Stocksnap via Pixabay

Let' s take a look at the "Paradise" Island of Boracay. Many years ago the inner part of the island is covered with trees. These days, you can see nothing but concrete buildings of big resorts. Even the once pristine waters of the island are already polluted.  All in the name of "PROGRESS".

Comparative images of Boracay Island.


Video Credit: National Geographics Via YouTube

Can we lessen the effects of Global Warming?

Maybe so. Just as I pointed out earlier that we contribute to the cause of Global Warming, we could also do a little something to lessen the effects.

1. Conserve Energy.

I suppose the biggest culprit of energy consumption these days are the gadgets. Almost everyone in one household has a cellphone. And in every household is at least one TV, one refrigerator, one electric fan, one air conditioner and so on.  Here are more energy saving tips from British Gas.

To fight off the heat, usually, we would turn on the air conditioning unit.  Old air conditioning units, however, consume more electricity and generate more heat (which is emitted outside the house). If you can afford to, replace it with the inverter type air conditioning unit. Inverter types consume less power, thus lessens your contribution to the global warming phenomenon and your electric bill too.

Better yet, improve the air-flow of your home. Or take a look at this video showing how to turn an ordinary electric fan into an eco-cooler.


Video Credit: Crazy BD via YouTube.


2. Use Convertible Energy.

Solar power is ideal but still quite expensive these days. However, you can lessen your energy consumption a bit using solar-powered lights and chargers. Some big companies are already implementing solar energy on their establishment.


Solar charger for a  cell phone.

Image Credit:

3. Plant a tree!

Plant at least one tree. If you could plant at least one near your house, that's good. Trees could help cool down your surroundings. It could give you natural shade during a hot afternoon.

 Add More Tips Please.

These are just some of the things we can do to help lessen the effects of global warming. If you have more tips and information you are welcome to write them in the comment section below.

This is it for now. At the moment let us enjoy the best of summer without getting burned.


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Before I was able to complete this post, heavy rain poured. As I edit this post, it's raining cats and dogs.

I guess it was so hot that the atmosphere can no longer all the water that evaporated into it in the past few weeks.


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