Is “Practice Makes Perfect” Enough?

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“Practice makes perfect” is a byword used by everyone in any type of field. It puts forward the notion that through constant practice, we can be whatever we want to become. While this may be true in some areas, I think it lacks something. For me, “correct practice makes perfect” is the better phrase.

It was in 2004 when I first heard this exact phrase from our dance instructress in General Santos City. During that time, I was so active in multi-level marketing, or networking, and we were preparing a presentation number for a big event in that company.

We met twice a week to practice our dance number. While on the rehearsals, she often said that it is not enough to practice the dance steps. Correct practice makes perfect, according to her, so she taught us the right way of executing the steps. This phrase resounded in my head, so I always negate someone saying “practice makes perfect.”

You might say it’s no big deal whether the adjective “correct” is present or absent in “practice makes perfect.” I must say I agree a little but not entirely. There are specific areas or fields where the importance of “correct” practice cannot be ignored. One such field is chess.

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I love chess so much because, compared to other sports, I only have to sit down and enjoy myself. LOL! By the way, I notice many struggling players don't get too far in their chess career because they are practicing the wrong way. In chess, regular practice is not enough. I have seen many players who play regularly don’t really get sharp at playing chess. They might be able to easily see tactical situations when they are coming, but their judgment and evaluation are still too shallow.

To really succeed in chess, a good combination of theory and practice is essential. If a player does not know the fundamentals of chess playing, his improvement will be very slow, if not restricted. Reading chess books is an important requirement that aspiring chess players should not skip in their training.

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