Is this really a honor?

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Yesterday I read a news in facebook about a girl who has stolen more than one million dollars from Azizi Bank.

She was one of the employees in this bank and transferred the money to her families’ bank account aboard and then escaped with her family from Afghanistan.

This is not the first time I have heard this kind of news about Afghanistan. The difference is in the past I have heard the people who had a high position in the government let themselves to treason and steel people’s money.

The thing caused I decided to write this post is people comments under this news in the facebook.

About 200 people commented and almost all of them courage the girl and congratulate her for what she did!!!

I am confused. Does steeling and treason to our country bring any kind of awards and honor for us? Why my people reaction is this? Did they ask themselves what really she did for them and Afghanistan or how her “honorable act” helps our people and country?

Does this behavior means if any of those people who have commented were instead of her and had the opportunity to steel the money did the same as she did??

If so such an un trustable country we are living in :{

This is horrible if people think this is their rights to do any sort of crime whenever they can. Probably I will hear this kind of news more in the future.

I don’t know what to say! This is just ……..



you can read the news via this link

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