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Water is the source of life without water life can not be possible.In every planet of the universe water key for existence of life.In the world 70% area is covered with water.

We can store water in the shape of river, sea, damps and small ponds etc and use it in the fertilization. There are so many importance of water in our daily life.In our body water helps in circulation of blood and digestion of food.It is used in the formation of blood.It is necessary the drink water at least 7-8 glass daily.

Water is a big source of electricity without water we can not produce electricity on large scale.In daily use like washing clothes,making food etc even every work will preforms with the help of water.In laboratory  water is used as a solvent and all the compounds and chemical are dissolved in it.When the chemical dissolved in water then the solution will formed and this solution is used in various type of reaction.Water is also used in the factories .In the production of different things.Water is a very important gift of God but we are polluted and waste it day by day.We should not waste the water and used it very carefully.We should filter and recycle the polluted water.

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