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Hello guys!

Hope, you all would be in good health and also happier. I wish best thing always find you in your life. The topic of the blog, i'm about to write is Islam. Well, i'm going to define, what Islam is basically. Let's get started. 


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Literal meaning of Islam is "Submission". Islam is a religion, in which people believe in oneness of God. People who follow Islam are know as Muslim. Each and every Muslim follows only one book and that is Quran. Holy book Quran, was spoken by Angel Gabriel to the last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and these word which are written in Quran are considered to be words of Allah. Basically, in Quran name of God is not used as God, but instead of that it is used as Allah. Even, word Allah doesn't mean God. Meaning of word Allah is still unknown, even after 1400 years after it's origins. 

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Islam is second largest growing religion in the world. Christianity and Islam, these both religion have much resemblance in them. But, both of them are not on same beliefs. Christians considered Jesus as son of God almighty, while Muslim considered them as prophet of God. Muslim have to follow five pillars of Islam.

  • Tawhid
  • Sallah (prayer)
  • Zakah 
  • Fast 
  • Hajj

Tawhid, is basically a submission to Allah Almighty, that Allah is only one to worship and prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is last messenger. The person who submit to this phrase enter in the fold of Islam.

Sallah is worship of Allah, it is obligatory on each and every Muslim to pray five times a day. Then onto Zakah, Muslim are not only obligatory on praying but also on feeding and poor and orphans. 

Fasting, is basically abstaining yourself which is considered wrong for you according to Islam. On last Hajj, is Kind of Visit to your lord almighty.

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