Islamic Repulic of Pakistan: Heaven on earth

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lets start with the nation anthem of Pakistan

Nation anthem of Pakistan

 Why i am writing about Pakistan?

because I am Pakistan and I love my country specially the people of Pakistan are very respectful it is the country its heaven on earth you can’t even imagine the places of Pakistan is such an amazing and beautiful so I decided to write about my country yeah its Pakistan


History of Pakistan

The Indus River courses through eastern Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This waterway valley was the site of one of the world's most seasoned developments. In A.D. 712, Arab Muslims conveyed Islam to the district. Around the year 1000, Muslims from Central Asia assembled their kingdom in the Indus River valley. In the 1600s, the British East India Company set up exchanging posts in India, including the district that is currently Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the 1700s, the decision Mughal Empire became feeble, and the organization took control. Under British guideline, Muslims lost force in the legislature, while Hindus picked up force. Contrasts in the middle of Hindus and Muslims prompted roughness. On August 14, 1947, India picked up autonomy. Islamic Republic of Pakistan was announced a different Muslim country. A huge number of Muslims moved to Pakistan, and Hindus in Pakistan moved to India. Pakistan included East Pakistan and West Pakistan, however 1,000 miles isolated the districts. War broke out between the two locales. In 1971, East Pakistan got to be Bangladesh.

The Land of Pakistan

Pakistan (once West Pakistan) is separated into four areas: Baluchistan, North-West Frontier, Punjab, and Sindh. Most Pakistanis flog live in Punjab side. Western and northern Pakistan are dry and sloping. Sindh and Punjab get little rain, however the Indus River moves through them and inundates the area. Dialect isolates the general population of Pakistan, however Islam unites them. More than 20 dialects are talked. Punjabi and Sindhi are the most well-known. Urdu, Pakistan's official dialect, is taught in schools. Pakistani movies are as a rule in Punjabi or Urdu. The most prominent daily papers are in Urdu, Sindhi, or English. The nation's official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. More than 97 percent of Pakistanis are Muslims. Schools construct their instructing in light of Islam. Since the nations were isolated, both India and Pakistan have guaranteed the district of Kashmir. The area is imperative to both in view of its water assets. In 1998, both countries tried atomic weapons, yet they declined to sign an atomic test boycott arrangement. Endeavors to make a superior relationship between the two nations proceed.



 Pakistan was one of the two unique successor states to British India, which was parceled along religious lines in 1947. For right around 25 years taking after freedom, it comprised of two separate locales, East and West Pakistan, yet now is made up just of the western area. Both India and Pakistan have made a case for the Kashmir district, and this regional debate prompted war in 1949, and again in 1965, 1971, and 1999, and stays uncertain today.

Pakistan is arranged in the western piece of the Indian subcontinent, with Afghanistan and Iran on the west, India on the east, and the Arabian Sea on the south. The name Pakistan is gotten from the Urdu words Pak (which means immaculate) and stan (which means nation).

Heather Schmid Us Singer Singing Pakistani National song

Cultural Dimensions of Pakistan

The Pakistani society is a "blended" society. This is because of the mix of religion and dialect. Despite the fact that the larger part of individuals in Pakistan are Muslims, there is an unmistakable impact of Hindu society, for occurrence in the social structure, for example, wedding functions. There are 300 distinct lingos and dialects talked in Pakistan. The official dialect is English, yet the national dialect is Urdu, which is generally caught on. In any case, the most talked dialect all through the nation is Punjabi.



Capital and Major Cities


Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and population around 800,000

Major Cities:

Karachi,is metropolitan city of Pakistan and its population 11,624,000 and most important thing is Karachi port is the main gateway to Asia and the folk who living in Karachi they are mixed culture almost all languages of Pakistan is spoken in Karachi

The founder of Pakistan Quaid e azam's tomb


here is my picture at Minar e Pakistan Lahore


Lisa Ahmad in Lahore Pakistan Documentary

Languages of Pakistan:

The official dialect of Pakistan is English, however the national dialect is Urdu (which is firmly identified with Hindi). Interestingly, Urdu is not talked as a local dialect by any of Pakistan's fundamental ethnic gatherings, and was picked as an impartial choice for correspondence among the different people groups of Pakistan.Punjabi is the local tongue of Pakistanis, Sindhi Siraiki Pashtu Balochi and. Most Pakistan dialects have a place with the Indo-Aryan dialect family,

Religion in Pakistan

An expected 95-97% of Pakistanis are Muslim, with the staying few rate focuses made up of little gatherings of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsi,Buddhists and supporters of different beliefs.And Around 75% of the populace are Sunni Muslims, and 20% are Shi'a. Most Pakistani Sunnis have a place with the Hanafi branch, or to the Ahle Hadith. Shi'a orders spoke to incorporate the Ithna Asharia, the Bohra, and the Ismailis

Hunza beautiful valley in Pakistan

it is in Gilgit–Baltistan region I went to there its such a wounderful valley and the general population of hunza valley are peacefull they regard who ever visit to there valley and here are some picture of mine which I capture there


Attabad lake in Hunza valley such an wonderful lake

International boundaries:

The nation shares outskirts with Afghanistan toward the northwest, China toward the north, India toward the south and east, and Iran toward the west. The fringe with India is liable to question, with both countries asserting the mountain areas of Kashmir and Jammu.Pakistan's least point is its Indian Ocean coast, adrift level. The most noteworthy point is K2, the world's 2nd-tallest mountain,

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