It All Started In A Penny

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Who does not want to become financially free? Who does not want to become wealthy? Who does not want to become rich and have the means to buy the things it need and want?

It is everybody's dream. To have an own house. An own car. A flowing income that could supple the daily needs and because of the abundance, of becoming a philanthropist will be the next dream?

We are all given the same amount of time, and it is said that every minute counts as a penny or more. However, many of us were not able to achieve our dreams in life because we focus much on the stumbling block in front of us.

Why is it that others are wealthy and others are not? Is it the circumstance that we are in or our way of thinking which deprives us from seeing the clearer picture on how to become wealthy?

It all start in a penny. A start of a race. A step of a journey. A tick of a clock. All these tiny bits, if accumulated, will lead us on becoming wealthier each day. Let us make use of it.

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