It is important to realize

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The most important thing that flies in the face of us today has very few people still remaining is feeling. Lack of human feeling, then expire from within man becomes when it will not be a sense of why the beast of man, we don't say it, they will not count in the blood of human beings then why are also very important from the bonds of the relationship which relationship are based on feelings are never.

If the Han think is how we feel, we are a what would you take of of someone else today, everyone became an enemy to kill any other sat for the money due to the Earth is any murder is his brother, and has become the enemy, and there are many events with The relation of the son in the father did not kill these blood what? The father also did not think that the Frost is not such a big one is what we feel to be a that is very important.

We have to meet the same we have is the lack of sense if we see any form, we shall not be released from the pain of it all to finish your understand that we should do what we can be. Then see how spiritual we have peace of mind from within, we are not satisfied. It is important that sense only go so far.

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