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*** You are the only one who is responsible for your own mood, so do not tie your mood with people. You will Grievance yourself if you put your happiness in hand of someone else and all the time will be scared that this one go and take your happiness with him/her. You can FIX your mood by doing little things. Sometimes the only thing you want to do all day is SIT on your bed and do not want to TALK to anyone and let time slip away, in this case you are not living life, but it is Not the End Of the World there are some ways that you can follow them to OVERCOME your bad mood or your Depression.*** Love your habits,,,,

Habits has the ability to create ROUTINE in your daily life which can make you feel down and make life .Sometimes Depression can make you do want do anything. You feel like you that you do not have energy to do even the most simple of your daily tasks. But, it’s very important that you keep going forward if you ever want to break out of your rut. Even if you have bad mood and the desire to not do anything for the day, get up, take a shower and get dressed as if you do. Run your keep going  or go and see your friends who you love and feel comfortable with them.
*** Join a group,,,

You can turn your depression into HAPPINESS by spending time with a group of people that have the similar interests and hobbies you have. You can share with them some stories and ideas, in this way you both can get new experience and information can benefit you later in your life.
*** Seek for the activities,,,

that you like and make them a priority. Spend more TIME doing the things that you like and less time doing the things that suck the life right out of you. Depression kills the life you want and deserve. You’ll start to look forward to every day because you’ll be engaging in things that make you smile and contribute to your overall quality of life.
*** Move your body,,,

little number of people who want to do exercise and sports. doing sports or at least a nice walking or jogging around one hour every morning will pull you out of depression very quickly ans you will feel good when you accomplish something physically. It also can ease your troubles and give your mind a break from thinking if you have a problem. Plus it will help your body to sweat out those sad feelings and make way for happiness and joy.*** Leave the past and go ahead,,,

Spending too much time thinking in the past or not looking forward to the future is the major reasons of depression. You can overcome both of these PROBLEMS by Being part of today and let everything else go and staying in the here and now. From my little personal experience in the life, my advise to you is to forget about the past and leave it to Allah(SWT). Just learn to live your life right and easily. In this case, you can turn your depression into energy to take part in your life.


written by :- MARWA HASSAN

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Marwa Hassan was born in 1993,Egyptian and studying at faculty of commerce English section at cairo university(FCES),,,

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