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I bet your mind automatically assumed I would try to convince you that it was okay to cheat on your significant other. False. However, it is okay to cheat on your diet. Sure it may seem kind of crazy but it actually has more benefits than you think.

The key is moderation. I don’t think allowing yourself to eat a whole pizza pie in addition to a pint of ice cream and the entire apple pie is the smartest decision, but maybe a slice of pizza or two will do.  This cheat meal or cheat day actually has the potential of helping you not only keep the weight off but replenishing your body with necessary fuel. Most cheat meals consists of a ton of carbohydrates and calories to match but this actually helps increase your energy levels.


Cheat meals keep your metabolism in check and can help you lose weight. Yes, all that bad stuff is good for you. I had a hard time believing this too, so I ended up restricting myself in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I would tell myself I couldn’t eat that one fry or that one piece of milky chocolate. I would notice myself feeling groggy and tired until I finally accepted that it was okay to cheat. Not experiencing a feeling of guilt after devouring a cupcake took some time but it happened. I sat down wrote out a plan and designated days for cheating to reset my body. You have to have a little faith. It’s okay to live on the wild side once in a while.


So, while it may seem a little crazy it is true; Cheating is okay. The best part is there are no tears involved,  just pure carb overload. So go ahead, cheat a little.

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Brooklyn based Magda Ryszkiewicz is a passionate soon-to-be college graduate with a concentration in physical therapy. Her goal in life is to help others in need of physical assistance and ultimately entrepreneurship, by opening her own medical practice in the future. Fun fact: She feels cleaning calms and clears her…

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