It's Aiesha's 5th Birthday

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Aiesha Zaila Baylon Beltran, my only niece is celebrating her birthday today and I miss her. She is already based in Dubai right now with her parents. I have attended three of her birthdays but when I went to Dubai, I wasn't able to join her for her 4th birthday and now, I am unable to join her for her 5th birthday again.

Since I miss her and it's her birthday, I am posting some of her pictures. You might have noticed that most of my posts contains her photos, that is because I had spent most of my time taking her photos whenever I am at home, I also film her.

Now that she is one year older, she has also become somehow independent. We spend some time over skype and what I love about this girl is that we always laughs when talking to each other. She cracks jokes and would tell me that I had gained a lot, that's her way of opening up the conversation.

I definitely miss her!

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