It's Check-out Time, Almost

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This was the underlying message President Obama gave in Afghanistan earlier in the week as he spoke to U.S. Soldiers, the people of Afghanistan, NATO, and the rest of the world. He's fully aware and understands the U.S. Military should not be there any longer, but there are still milestones to be met before exiting the premises. Although, 2014 will be a final deadline for major U.S. Military involvement.

Numerous problems existed in Afghanistan prior to the War in Afghanistan, which are continuing along with new problems that must now be addressed. Unrelenting violence by almost anyone with a gun or bomb is not the only major issue. Education in Afghanistan remains a dire problem for the people living there.

There is an enormous effort right now from NATO, the U.S., and Film Annex to establish, restore, and improve education in Afghanistan. Building schools in Afghanistan is a top priority because of the poor educational system, which still makes it hard for females to attend school. So, besides the barbaric attacks and bombings to worry about, literacy is a primary concern being addressed.

Upon America leaving Afghanistan, there's still going to be troops there for "support" and assistance in specific areas. However, the troop level will only be a fraction of the 90,000 or so there right now. The Afghanistan Government System has a responsibility to itself and its citizens, and NATO to successfully handle order in its country by 2014 and thereafter.

The new agreement signed by Presidents Obama and Karzai is a revised contract for a long-term friendship from here on out. It basically says the U.S. is leaving, but not really; continuous assistance and guidance will be provided as long as the Afghan people want and need it.

Let's see how long this 'extended stay' will be before its check-out time.


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