It's OK to have a bad day - Poem for the soul

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I've written this poem because I'm still often scared to talk about my down times on social media.

A client just emailed me: "I must admit I had a bad week. Didn’t sleep well, didn’t breathe properly, was constantly stressed about all the tasks I have to do and as a result of all of these wasn’t very efficient at work."

There is no reason to see down times as bad and I don't know why I feel worried to share negative thoughts. We've all got down times and it makes us human to accept that we do.

So this poem is a tribute to Melancholy ("a feeling of pensive sadness") because sadness can also be beautiful.

In these moments of down,
I feel like I drown,
Deeper and deeper,
Into a grey world,
A quick sand jelly,
That pulls me gently.

And all the kicks and scream,
I throw in fear to escape,
Just ease up,
Gravity’s work.

When I feel the doom and gloom,
Of a live not worth living,
Of the misery of a man,
Who has done nothing right.

All the fuck ups come back up,
Like a tornado drive away,
All good thoughts and emotions,
Leaving behind a bare land,
Of destruction and death.

Is there ever enough,
Goodness and love,
To go through the endless
Deserts of sorrow, self pity and depression?

When I go down the rabbit hole,
Like Alice it seems impossible to climb out.
I remind myself it is the wrong way,
And with the calm of a monk,
I dive in deeper than ever,
Knowing that at the very bottom,
With the key of my imagination,
Alice’s trapdoor is waiting,
Into a brand new world,
To eject me carelessly.

I open my eyes
And once again,
I come to life.

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