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Jack the giant slayer was what I expected to be honest. To give you a brief synopsis; Jack acquires some magic beans, grows the beanstalk. Jack then angers a few giants and they come down to win a seemingly easy fight against the humans. In a nutshell this is the plot, so nothing that is innovative here. 


So lets start with the narrative, the classic tale from Benjamin Tabart has lived in the memory for generations. So the inevitable movie was expected. The script was the first let down that I noticed. Paying no respect to its source material. With five cooks, the meal was going to be ruined, with each writer fighting for superiority. Couple that with the typical over used attempt to be smart and witty, which creates laugh at loud moments.


Visually it is pretty in places with this being the best aspect of the movie. Although the sound design was as expected by displaying the adequate sounds without pushing the boundaries. Seen, as this is a fairytale they have more room to experiment with the sound design. This is a shame as it feels like a missed opportunity.


The casting directors and agents did a good job to get the actors they did; Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting) a various others. Although the talent that was on screen, they seemed wooden and once again with the awful script this beanstalk wasn’t brought to life.


Overall score: 3/10

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