JARVIS - A Butler, AI, and The Vision

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When the first Iron Man movie came out I wondered why JARVIS is an Artificial Intelligent program assisting Tony Stark in his Iron Man armor and not a butler as I knew him in the comic books that I used to read when I was a kid.

In the succeeding Iron Man movies, Avengers and Captain America movies, JARVIS (voiced by Paul Bettany) is heard more often.

 In the Age of Ultron movie, Jarvis was uploaded to a super-powered android, The Vision.  


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Anyways those are other stories.

How Jarvis Turned From A Butler to AI, then to The Vision


What I want to talk about in this cblog is how Jarvis became an AI entity. Is the JARVIS (AI) the same person that used to assist Tony Stark? Or the Iron Man and other movies are based on an alternate universe as they always conveniently reason whenever the story or character is a bit different from the earlier stories. 

 Interact With my Cblog: JARVIS - A Butler, AI, and The Vision

Interact with my cblog: JARVIS - A Butler, AI, and The Vision and find out how Jarvis became the Vision.



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