Jeep Rally In The Choli Desert

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Cholistan Desert And The Jeep Race

  Cholistan Desert (Pakistan)

It is (also locally known in Pakistan as Rohi) sprawls thirty kilometers from Bahawalpur, covers an area of 16,000 km². It adjoins the Thar Desert extending over to Sindh and into India. The word Cholistan is derived from the Turkish word Chol, which means Desert. Cholistan thus means Land of the Desert. The people of Cholistan lead a semi-nomadic life, moving from one place to another in search of water and fodder for their animals. 


The dry bed of the Hakra River runs through the area, along which many settlements of the Indus Valley Civilisation have been found. The present day Cholistan is a part of the ancient Hakra civilization (Hakra River), one of the oldest civilizations of the Aryan settlers in the Indian subcontinent. Falling in the southern Punjab, Cholistan is one of the largest deserts of the country and part of the Great Indian Desert. The Cholistan comprises of three districts Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan. The total area of Cholistan is 66,55,360 acres. The largest area of Cholistan is present in Bahawalpur which is 40,28,217 acres. The temperature ranges in Cholistan from 6 to 50°C.The length of Cholistan is 480 km and width ranges from 32 to 192 km. Human population of Cholistan is 1,55,000 where as the livestock population is 13,18,000.






Cholistan Jeep Race:

Cholistan Jeep rally is an annual 3-day even of fun and adventure which takes place in Cholistan desert of Pakistan. Every year an increasing number of participants have been contribution in the event with their numbers reaching 80 in the 2008 edition of the race. A helicopter is also available to monitor the jeep rally and to act as a swift transportation facility in any emergency situation during the 3-day event. The winner of each category of the rally would get cash prize while the runner up and third position holders would getless prizes each respectively.

In this event the organizers for holding an event that would not only promote tourism but will also provide recreation to the common folks who are worried because of the threat of terrorism. The organizers are to provide accommodation, meals and even conveyance to its members in the events. But depends on the members because they would prefer to bring their own basic stuff. Cultural and folk sports are held including Camel Race & Camel Dance, Desi Wrestling plus the most exciting event of the Fireworks at the area. This rally event start generally in Mid March but it depends on the people choice. It is great pleasure.Jeep race is a good enjoyment for people but jeep drivers are attention for driving jeeps because peolpe are seeing jeep races left and right side . Any where you are drive carefully .


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