Jelly Application and Bitcoin improve Digital Citizenship and Digital Entrepreneurship among Afghan Youth

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Albert Einstein famously said, “Information is not knowledge.” Knowledge is the practical application of information from real human experience.

You might have heard news about "Jelly", an application that runs on mobile phones. You can simply take a picture of something and involve not only your friends but friends of your friend into the discussion. Twitter Co-Founder - Biz Stone is the CEO and Co-Founder or Jelly.

Based on a recent survey that was done in late 2012 by USAID in Afghanistan more than 80 percent of Afghan women have regular access to mobile phones. Based on a survey on the Internet usage in Afghanistan in 2012, around 5% of Afghans had a proper access to the Internet.

Based on the above given numbers, and the considerable growth of Information and Communication Technology in Afghanistan, there is a huge potential specially among the young generation due to the usage of digital media and social networks.

There is an enormous number of places in Afghanistan which has never been seen or broadcasted. Using Jelly application is not only for an educational purpose but also it connects and let's the rest of the world get the accurate information and images from Afghans who are living there.

There is also another remarkable achievement in the recent technology which is highly involved in finance and business. It is Bitcoin (BTC). It  is a digital currency or an electronic money which allows online payments to be sent through a peer-to-peer network. You can create your digital wallet and start purchasing online. Bitcoin is not related to any specific country and regulations, that's why it doesn't consist the considerable amount of fees for transactions.

As an Afghan girl who was born and raised in Iran from an Afghan parent, Moved to Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban, Studied in Germany and right now is living in New York City. I have learned the value of being a Digital Citizenship in a Digital World using a Digital Currency which all together conclude in Communication without Borders.

For any girls around the world and specially Afghan girls who have not the chance to go out and continue their education in where ever they want, it is a great chance to have an online account, pay online for their expenses, study online and finally get a degree of their desired subject.

Below is my interview with Finance Expert Cameron Keng on the value of Bitcoin as a digital currency in developing countries.

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