Jennifer Lopez : Hollywood's leading Girl

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an Actress and singer and she is the one amongst Hollywood’s leading girls who’s additionally forged success in pop music and dance career.

Why I am writing about her?

because i like her she got wonderful voice that force me to write down regarding her i like her songs like songs like Booty, on the floor, feel the light she is extremely hard worker ladies and she is most well-known leading Hollywood role player and singer and one most significant thing which I like is she work for Human rights and she or he support charities foundation she is married however still she look so young. I need to say she is wonderful and have excellent temperament


Jennifer Lopez was born on July, twenty four, 1969, in, New York, she danced on the television show In Living Color before her stellar role in the film Selena. She turned to music and he or she got major success on the pop and dance plans and got success in Get Right whereas continuing to garner Hollywood film work. She married with icon Anthony in 2006 and he or she had twin’s child and therefore the couple split a few of years later.


Early Career

As i mention on top of that she was born on 1969 in the New York She started her dancer career showing in the stage musicals and diverse music videos. In 1990, she won national competition and he or she got a spot dancer on the notable Fox comedy television series in Living Color.

Lopez's first large break came in 1997, once she was chosen to play the character in Selena,. Lopez achieved lots of praise for her performance, alongside a Golden Globe nomination, and she became the highest-paid historian performer in history along with her cheque of $1 million.

Here are some pictures of her concert

 Here is a video of her amazing concert

Jennifer Lopez concert and she do amazing dance live performance

Jennifer Lopez and  Pit bull  Live On The Floor (American Idol )


 Jennifer Lopez hit song Booty


As we all know that she is an dancer actress singer and model too so its very hard to maintain fitness. But still she got hot body and she workout hard for his body she got wonderful body style and she had enticing body look and she daily do 1 hour exercise to get focus and to rock the day


Jennifer Lopez have Wonderful body


Work For Human rights and support charities organization

She is also work for charities and human rights some day before UN foundation declared that At UN foundation Jennifer Lopez is first global advocate for girls and women and she supported many charities organization like ALAS, AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR AIDS RESEARCH, CHILDERN’S HEALTH FUND and many more.


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