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This week, I continued my blog series Filmmakers on Social Media with the interview of Mark Kuczewski. The blogs are meant to highlight the promotion efforts of independent short film makers on social media. He is currently #1 on Eren's Picks with a high BuzzScore of 74. He has great films, writes blogs, and knows how to share on social media. I particularly like his initiative to create a Facebook page and a Twitter dedicated only to his Web TV. See more examples in my blog. More interviews and examples to come soon.

I was in contact with several filmmakers this week, either already on our platforms or on their way to join us. I was very glad to hear from filmmaker Jon Reid-Edwards who I contacted a few weeks ago after I came across his short film Hadley TK-421. After watching only a few minutes of the film, I felt like I was in an episode of Mad Men. Men in suits smoking cigarettes, secretaries eager to live a better life and office secrets are all in it. And after talking with the filmmaker, I realized we already had the trailer on the platform, courtesy of the ECU Film Festival. No wonder it looked familiar... Jon likes how our platform works and will join us soon! I also reached out to Daniel Hopkins, filmmaker and University lecturer, and already connected to us via our "UK crew of filmmakers". I'd like to see his work on Film Annex and expect to hear from him soon.

Now news from our filmmakers. This week we welcomed Jonathan White and Floris Kaayk. Floris came to us with a short film based on the well-known tale of the Tower of Babel. An impressive work both on the creative interpretation of the tale and the quality of the animated creatures. I am looking forward to seeing his Web TV growing.

Jonathan works with Ciaron Craig, that we welcomed a few weeks ago. I especially like two of his drama films, Pancakes and Wooden Heart. Our platform is full of talented animation filmmakers but I also like when we are able to present great narrative films. Speaking of animators, we have great new content from Jeff Chiba Stearns who explains us how he makes his animations, on camera and via his blogs. In his last interview with us, Charles Pieper told us about his new short film, Last Remnants. The movie is now ready to go to festivals but he already sent us a teaser. Lastly, Sorcha Anglim uploaded Timeless, a video on her friend and fellow Film Annex's filmmaker Amy Hill's artistic skills.

I finished my week by writing about the industry of online videos and how the numbers relate with Film Annex and Target Marketing Annex. You don't need to be a filmmaker to make videos!

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