Jihad in Islam

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Jihad is a very important aspect of Islam, and now days in western media they are mostly afraid of Muslims just because of this aspect of Muslims and Islam. What they think is every Muslim is a terrorist but in reality it's as different as Jihad has different types. The jihad that western media and people thinks is only killing innocents is totally wrong.

There are different kinds of jihad. And the jihad that extremists tell us that they are doing is totally wrong. Let me give some other examples of Real jihad.

Once before a fight in Hazrat Muhammad (saw) era a person came to Holy Prophet (saw) that he wants to go for Jihad then Holy Prophet (saw) asked him that is your mother alive, he answered yes then Prophet (saw) said that go and show kindness to your mother this is your jihad.

Like Roya Mehboob is raising her voice for women rights in Afghanistan, This is jihad as those women can't help themselves. So if you help someone financially or morally this is also a kind of jihad that is more important than killing innocents.

Jihad that extremists are doing is no Jihad, I don't know what that is but it's definitely not jihad. As Islam forbids Muslims to kill any innocent and while those extremists go for suicide attack and kill all civilians. That is not the jihad that Islam teaches us. In another saying Holy Prophet (saw) said that saving a human life is like saving humanity.

while the suicide bombers tend to kill themselves and allot of other people as this is also a form of suicide and suicide is strictly forbidden in Islamic sometime think what are these people doing and why are they doing it as this is not the real Islam, these are not the teachings of Islam, but instead they are using the name of Islam to gain their own interests and to fulfill their desires.

I always wanted to talk with some extremist so I can tell him that what really Islam teaches us and you are being brain washed and what you are doing is totally the opposite of teachings of Islam, and I think its responsibility of every Muslim to condemn these attacks and try to stop these extremists as they are misusing the name of Islam and our holy Prophet  (saw). In the end I just pray for those poor souls who are interpreting teachings of Islam wrongly and may ALLAH give them courage to accept the real Islam.

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