Job Opportunities for Afghan Youths

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A big challenge Afghan youth have had since the last ten years was the lack of job opportunity for them. For example, 12 years ago, however,one was educated he/she did not have jobs. Today, everything is changed. Most of Afghan educated youth are doing jobs.

 There are lots national and international organizations have provided job opportunities for Afghan people. For example, one of those international companies activating in developing countries is Film Annex. Film Annex has increased the number of Afghanistan jobs since it has begun activating in Afghanistan.

Film Annex  visits Afghan schools. Then, it provides them internet facility, and have them learn how to use the social networks, such as how to use Facebook, Twitter, G-mail, and blogging.

  Film Annex website has had Afghan girls’ schools, such as Amir Ali Sher-e-Nawaie, Hatefi High School and so many other schools in Herat, Afghanistan open blog accounts on Film Annex website. Beside they improve their writing through posting blogs on Film Annex website, they earn money. Thus, they can easily pay for the stationery they need at school. Therefor, they can be encouraged more to attend schools and to continue their education.

 Now, Film Annex website has hundreds of users in Afghanistan. The ones who post blogs on Film Annex website, they are happy and believe that they can improve bot improve their English Language and earn an amount of money per-month.


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